Mockup / Wireframe

If you want the viewer to keep more time on your website and encourage him / her to visit more pages, your web UX should be modern. Experimenting with different parts of the site is what makes the user more persistence and encouraged him to review more.

Graphic Design

Appearance is important! the first thing on arrival at the site that comes to eye on its face. Good and modern design is our specialty. Benefit from the updated design is a great advantage

Pre Production Server

For customer satisfaction the progress load on one of our servers’ to review their progress when designing the site’s footsteps and if necessary, you can transfer your idea to our experts, before putting on the primary domain site, the project does not have any problem or defect.

Project Control

Setorg company projects are controlled by Teamwork or Basecamp software per hours. And each stage of the project is visible in this application.

Content Management

Text and photo content projects that have done by Setorg provided professionally. So the employer is not involved in preparing the textual content of website and it’s a company`s professionals that prepared more sophisticated and accurate text for the project to be ready.

Professional Photography

Experience of working with multiple users led to the need to benefit expert industrial photography. After the introduction of the website and inserted its content, the major concern for most users is displaying images with good quality and better products or other image-based content. Setorg attention to this important and requires of users and customers with professional industrial photography team dispatched to the customer site and captures what is necessary on the website.